Cedar Lake Fishery

Cedar Lake fishery is home to many multi-generational fishing families.

For this MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)certified Walleye and Northern Pike fishery, fishing is a way of life. But according to Floyd George, President of the Cedar Lake Walleye and Northern Pike Fisheries, eco-certified fishing is about to become the new normal.

“In 10 years, fisheries won’t be able to sell fish that isn’t eco-certified.”

Cedar Lake first became eco-certified in 2022. 

Learn more about their journey in the video below.

Waterhen lake

Waterhen Lake is a winter fishery, meaning the fishers must brave incredibly cold winter temperatures to go ice fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike.

Waterhen Lake Walleye and Northern Pike first became MSC-certified as sustainable in 2014, but as Wesley Catcheway, who is the President of the Waterhen Lake Fishers in Skownan First Nation, tells us,

Skownan First Nation has always practised sustainable fishing. Eco-certification helps us to maintain the practices passed on from our elders, watch how much we catch and make sure we don’t hurt the lake.” 

Sustainable Fishing
is for Everyone